Free Courses

  • - Short instructional videos on React and many other topics.
  • Frontend Masters - Video courses on React.
  • Fullstack React - The up-to-date, in-depth, complete guide to React and friends.
  • Pure React - A step-by-step guide to mastering React.
  • React for Beginners - Learn React in just a couple of afternoons.
  • React for Designers - A 6-hour React course for designers, by designers.
  • React Essentials for Designers - React courses tailored for designers: the fundamentals, capabilities, limitations and how they relate to design.
  • Essential React - A crash course for doers, moving fast from “Hello World” to advanced component composition.
  • React Training: Advanced React.js - Take your React skills to the next level.
  • Tyler McGinnis - Tyler McGinnis provides access to his courses for a monthly fee. Courses include “React Fundamentals” and “Universal React”.
  • Mastering React - Build professional interactive apps with React.
  • React Tutorial - Learn React step by step in an interactive environment with flashcards.
  • Road to React - Your journey to master React in JavaScript.
  • Epic React - Confidently Ship Well-Architected Production Ready React Apps Like a Pro
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