React development is led by a small dedicated team working full time at Facebook. It also receives contributions from people all over the world.

Meet the React Team

The React team members work full time on the core component APIs, the engine that powers React DOM and React Native, React DevTools, and the React documentation website.

Current members of the React team are listed in alphabetical order below.

Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark

@acdlite on GitHub · @acdlite on Twitter

Andrew got started with web development by making sites with WordPress, and eventually tricked himself into doing JavaScript. His favorite pastime is karaoke. Andrew is either a Disney villain or a Disney princess, depending on the day.

Brian Vaughn

Brian Vaughn

@bvaughn on GitHub · @brian_d_vaughn on Twitter

Brian studied art in college and did programming on the side to pay for his education. Eventually, he realized that he enjoys working on open source. Brian has one one-person band and two two-person bands. He also takes care of the cutest cat in the world.

Dan Abramov

Dan Abramov

@gaearon on GitHub · @dan_abramov on Twitter

Dan got into programming after he accidentally discovered Visual Basic inside Microsoft PowerPoint. He has found his true calling in turning Sebastian’s tweets into long-form blog posts. Dan occasionally wins at Fortnite by hiding in a bush until the game ends.

Luna Ruan


@lunaruan on GitHub · @lunaruan on Twitter

Luna learned programming because she thought it meant creating video games. Instead, she ended up working on the Pinterest web app, and now on React itself. Luna doesn’t want to make video games anymore, but she plans to do creative writing if she ever gets bored.

Marco Salazar


@salazarm on GitHub · @BkOptimism on Twitter

Marco’s first programming language was Assembly because he could use it to hack video games. Now online games are much more secure so he settles for playing fairly (mostly). In his spare time he plays games on his treadmill desk and makes art that he never finishes. Hopefully his PRs don’t have the same fate.

Rachel Nabors


@rachelnabors on GitHub · @rachelnabors on Twitter

Rachel wrote a book about UI animation once and worked with MDN and the W3C on the web animations API. Now she is busy with education materials and community engineering on the React team. Secretly, she is an award-winning cartoonist for teenage girls. Catch her making fancy tea with lukewarm water in the microkitchen.

Rick Hanlon


@rickhanlonii on GitHub · @rickhanlonii on Twitter

Ricky majored in theoretical math and somehow found himself on the React Native team for a couple years before joining the React team. When he’s not programming you can find him snowboarding, biking, climbing, golfing, or closing GitHub issues that do not match the issue template.

Sebastian Markbåge


@sebmarkbage on GitHub · @sebmarkbage on Twitter

Sebastian majored in psychology. He’s usually quiet. Even when he says something, it often doesn’t make sense to the rest of us until a few months later. The correct way to pronounce his surname is “mark-boa-geh” but he settled for “mark-beige” out of pragmatism — and that’s how he approaches React.

Seth Webster


@sethwebster on GitHub · @sethwebster on Twitter

Seth started programming as a kid growing up in Tucson, AZ. After school, he was bitten by the music bug and was a touring musician for about 10 years before returning to work, starting with Intuit. In his spare time, he loves taking pictures and flying for animal rescues in the northeastern United States.

Xuan Huang


@huxpro on GitHub · @huxpro on Twitter

Xuan met with programming in childhood to make games in Flash. He did digital media arts in college but eventually got tricked into making compilers, and somehow React needs one. Out of work, he pours terrible latte arts and plays tennis either on or off a table.


React was originally created by Jordan Walke. Today, React has over a thousand open source contributors. We’d like to recognize a few people who have made significant contributions to React and its documentation in the past and have helped maintain them over the years:

This list is not exhaustive.

We’d like to give special thanks to Tom Occhino and Adam Wolff for their guidance and support over the years. We’d also like to thank all the volunteers who translated React into other languages.

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